How I Made Revelation

Blog Post #7 - Making Album Art, Learning to Make Anything 

                                                                          ANTHONY JAMARI THOMAS AT DOVER STREET MARKET NY ON A TYPICAL AFTERNOON AT THE ROSE CAFE. 


        The creation of Revelation from before it was a twinkle in my eye to getting the finished product from the CD and vinyl factory…

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Blog Post #5 - Guitars 

         Some guitars are born with a soul. They don’t need to be broken in or aged over years. They penetrate you from the first strum. And sometimes your favorite guitar could be one that you found half dead in a…

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Blog Post #4 - Virginia

   Southern Virginia is where I was born, in a valley nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Roanoke is an old railroad town, its last heyday was when railroads ran the world, around the end of the nineteenth century. I grew…

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Blog Post #3 - Canada

          I hadn’t planned on writing one of these blog entries about my music influences but as I near the release date, I realize that the music itself is a story. Not only did music guide me on my journey to…

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Blog Post #2 - Coming Back home

     Coming back to New York City to live after a twenty-year hiatus felt like being shot out of a wormhole. When I left the city, there were many forces that I had inspired to work against me. I was twenty-nine…

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Blog Post #1 - How It Began

    I have waited my whole life to make my debut album “Revelation.” I never had plans to make music, it just presented itself one day six years ago, abruptly introducing itself as a creative necessity. 

    I have been singing since…

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